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This price list cancels all previous price lists. These prices are based on current market conditions and are subject to change without notice. All prices are F.O.B. our nursery.


      Pick-up Orders:  There is no minimum dollar amount for orders picked up at Locust Grove Nursery.  Orders can be made in advance or at the time of visit.


      Deliveries:  All deliveries are subject to a $15.00 fuel surcharge.  We will deliver anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Locust Grove Nursery at no additional charge if your order is at least $300.00. This includes all of Erie County, Pennsylvania, and north-central Crawford County, PA.  A $25.00 delivery charge will be added to orders under $300.00. For delivery outside Erie County, the minimum order is $500.00. Orders of $500.00-$1,000.00 will cost $1.50 per mile. Orders of $1,000.00 or more will cost $1.25 per mile. Mileage is determined from Locust Grove Nursery to Drop Site. Landscapers, we can deliver to your job site or place of business, which ever is more convenient for you. This may save you time and handling.


      Payment:  All sales are cash on delivery or pick-up unless credit has been established. Established credit accounts are due on the 15th of the month following purchase.  A 2% per month fee will be assessed to all past due balances.


      Product Sizes:  We have listed all plant, container, and B&B sizes according to "American Standard for Nursery Stock”.  Trees are listed as Tree Pot or TP. These may be #10, #15, #20, or #25. The size of the container will depend on the tree species.


      Hot List:  Our Hot List is a weekly fax consisting of one or two pages sent out every Monday from April until September.  This is a list of exceptional plant material for that week; it is not a complete availability list.  Refer to this catalog for complete availability.  Please call us or fax us if you would like to receive this list.


     Contact Us:  Call (814) 796-3582 or Fax (814) 796-3091 or now email us to place your order. We can offer the best service if you phone, fax, email or mail in your order. Normally we can deliver within 24 hours from time of order. Pick-up orders can usually be ready on the same day.